Creating the next generation of web3 games

Our mission is to redefine gaming for generations to come, by developing innovative and engaging experiences that empower players with true ownership, value, and creative expression. All through the power of Immutable’s game-changing web3 creativity and NFT technology.

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Pre Sale and Airdrop ends in

29d 16h 35m 30s

Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswap exchanges by November 1, 2023


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Buy 0.0035 BNB = 100,000,000 IMX

Buy 1 BNB = 600,000,000 IMX


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Claim 500,000,000 IMX for the first 5,000 people.


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Referral to get 30% BNB + 50% IMX per Airdrop and Buy. Referral NO LIMIT !

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Token Name - Immutable
Token Symbol - $IMX
Token Decimal - 18
Token Supply - 100.000.000
Network - Smart Chain
Contract Address - 0x007C1319aa9e6cee987E41C8c1f62423B07F33dF

Harness Our Expertise

mmutable Games offers third-party developers unparalleled web3 strategy and execution expertise, backed by a world-class team who have proven track records in bringing games to millions of players. Services include web3 integration engineering, economy and monetization, NFT design and execution, tokenomics consulting, community building, and web3 live operations.

01:Signup and Connect Wallet

Signup and register to access the game store. Connect with your wallet to claim NFT from the game.

02:Hunt the Bear

Download the game, Explore the Island and start the hunt

03: Claim your Bear NFT

Bear NFT is an ERC-721 Token. Each Bull can claim a Bear..


Features of the $IMX Metaverse Platform

Buy NFTs

Buy NFTs that give you access to the Metaverse and use them as your avatar.

Own Land

Acquire your own piece of digital real estate. Land parcels can be obtained from the auction or buy from other players in the market place.

Trade Assets

This is your one stop shop to buy and sell in-game assets, cosmetics and rare collectibles.